Team Information at Your Finger Tips!

Here is your chance to have your favorite teams information right at your fingertips! 2010-2011 Team Pad Pro and our FREE version give you direct access to their schedule, standings, roster, injuries and latest news. You get all of that in a friendly interface that gives you quick access to the information you want.


You get results if the game has past, otherwise you get to see what the upcoming games are. What time the game is at, on what broadcast network, if available and who the opponent is.

For results you get the date and score of the game as well as the record of your team after that game.

See how your team stacks up against the league. See what their streak is, how their road record is, how they are doing in their league, etc.

Who is playing for your team. What is their position? Their experience? All of that is available for every player.


Is anyone hurt? When will they be back? What's the problem, exactly? Get all of that in the Injuries tab of Pro 2010-2011 Team Pad.

You want the latest news for National Basketball Association? You got it! Just tap on the News tab and all of the latest news will be available to you. Want to let your friend know of a news article? Send it to them right from your phone!

That's what Team Pad brings to the table. Get it now! There is a Team Pad (or soon will be) for just Products every popular sports team. Get it now and spread the word. You can even get one for your biggest rival, so you know exactly how they are doing…

Don't forget to get us your feedback. We want you to be happy so let us know how we can do that. At you can even make suggestions for the next features you want in your app.


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